Tips to Choosing the Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Finding a handheld vacuum that offers the best tools and fits your needs in terms of cleaning is usually a very daunting task for many.

Considering their various designs, sizes and functionality in the market, you may find yourself choosing a cleaner that doesn’t completely satisfy your needs.

1. Weight of the machine

Portable VacuumWhen buying or choosing a vacuum, it is very important to consider its weight. Its weight should be comfortable enough to allow you to easily clean up even the smallest spills and messes. You should also look at how high it can be lifted without causing wrist or arm pains and without using too much energy.

2. Capacity of the dirt cup

The capacity of the dirt cup dictates the amount of dirt and debris that the cleaner can hold. Larger capacity vacuums will save you the hassle of emptying frequently. If you plan on cleaning a larger portion without taking breaks to empty the dirt cup, you should consider choosing larger capacity vacuums.

3. Cordless or corded and power intake

Are you planning on picking one of the BHVGuide recommended cordless vacuums? Cordless vacuums are more easily portable as compared to corded ones. If you need a cordless cleaner, then you should consider its battery capacity. Most cordless vacuums last 5 to 30 minutes before being recharged thus may not be used for so long. Corded vacuums can be used as long as there is electricity running. For corded vacuums, the length of the cord should be at least 20 feet for easy mobility.

4. The price

You should always consider your budget. If you plan to use your vacuum frequently, for example for a cleaning business, more expensive portable vacuums with better functionality should be considered. Buy less functional vacuums for occasional usage as they are less expensive.

5. Suction power

Good vacuums should have optimum suction power to allow cleaning of all surfaces. Some cleaners also have a blowing option that allows the blowing of dirt and debris from hard to reach areas like crevices before being properly picked up. The suction power will also determine its carpet cleaning capability, its ability to clean pet hairs and also its ability to clean electronics like computers, televisions and CD player without altering with their functioning.

6. Attachments

What kind of attachments does your portable vacuum come with? To save on the cost of buying attachments separately, you may consider buying a vacuum that comes with crevice tools, hose attachments, adjustable nozzles or/and brush type attachments depending on your cleaning needs. Some of the best handheld vacuums also come with HEPA filters or micron filters that absorb airborne particles thus preventing sparking off allergies.

7. The ease of use and maintenance

Having a portable vacuum should help make your cleaning easier. It should be easy to handle, operate and empty. Using your vacuum should never feel like a punishment. Its spares should be easily accessible and the service centers should be conveniently located just in case it malfunctions.

8. Warranty

Lastly, make sure the product has an up-to-date warranty. Be sure to know how long the warranty lasts since your vacuum may unexpectedly develop problems.

Final Note

With all that being said, if you are serious about finding the best vacuum cleaner for your home, floor, and unique situation, then you need to look at vacuum cleaner reviews at reputable sites and narrow down what exactly you need. There are many vacuums that vary in quality, price, and function, but none of this alone is enough to determine which one is ideal.

The only way to get the most bang for buck is to first figure out what you are looking for, and then read the reviews to determine which cleaner fits the description best. For a more in depth review on how to find the best portable handheld vacuum, check out this handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide from Floor Executives.

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Vacuums Cleaners For Cleaning Short-Pile Carpets

Some people will prefer shorter pile rugs to the longer ones since they seem better and yet easy to clean. The thickness of the pile doesn’t necessarily equate to high quality.

There are thin rugs which are still quite fine. Short pile rugs will in some cases seem stronger that long ones, lasting longer than the latter.

Vacuuming Short Pile Carpets

You can easily vacuum such, but that will only be if you purchase the best vacuum for short-pile carpeting. They will require you to properly maintain them ensuring that they are less susceptible to any marking or crushing. Here are some great options worth considering as you pursue the perfect vacuum for your short pile carpet.

Neato Botvac 85

Although most people deem this machine a bit expensive, it is surely worth its price. It has gained popularity as the robot on the run since it works on the carpets like a robot. The white device has a square frontal portion and a round-shaped back.

You can easily distinguish it from all other common vacuums by identifying its bright coloring patch located on the sensor. The combination brush, blade brush and its superb filters work together to accumulate more dirt and dust.

Vax Duplex Cordless Vacuum

This cordless sweeper ensures that cleaning your carpet will just be a breeze. It is ultra-slim and ultra-light allowing you to easily move with it around the room. It will also be easy to clean any carpet space under your furniture.

You’ll also not experience any difficulties in using it since it has been designed in such a way that it can be used with maximum ease. The cordless vacuum has a rotating brush bar system that intakes a superior amount of dirt and dust. The 90 degrees pivot joint in the brush head will enable you reach everywhere within just a flick of the wrist. This rechargeable appliance is sure to keep your carpet well-maintained assuring you of an ever-clean home.

The device has a push button to unlock for easy and hygienic emptying. It is able to run for more than 30 minutes on carpet cleaning when fully charged. The whole package comes with an AC wall charger, a battery pack, a disassembled sweeper and an instruction manual.

Miele Olympus S2121

This is another excellent vacuum that was recommended by Home Floor Experts not too long ago. Miele, the company behind this fantastic vacuum, has built remarkable reputation throughout the world, popularly known in producing top notch vacuum cleaners. They’ve been in the industry since 1889 and know what makes a quality cleaner.

The Olympus’ long cleaning stick, made of stainless steel, comes together with a long cord to avoid any dirt or rubbish remains on the carpet. You can automatically rewind this cord to ensure that it doesn’t get tangled in any sort. You will be able to clear a large debris heap after switching on the cleaner. As an additional tip, you can also clear any cobwebs off the floor using the device’s nozzle.


There are obvious factors that you ought to consider as you select the perfect vacuum cleaner for your short pile carpet. These include:

  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Extra attachments
  • The cleaner’s filtering quality

Not all expensive cleaners will prove effective. The above vacuums are a great point from where you can start from as you carry on your research.

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Miele Olympus S2120 Review

It’s slick, efficient, silent and incredibly powerful. The Miele Olympus S2120 is probably one of the most coveted canister vacuum cleaners out there, especially for hardwood floor, according to Vacuum Companion. It’s both user friendly and easy to assemble. The vacuum itself embodies ease and efficiency all within 13 pounds. The general cleaning features include a telescopic wand, a rug and floor tool that can be switched conveniently with one foot, a super air clean filter and an adjustable suction rotary. The Olympus S2120 Cleaner from Miele has been designed to work best on carpeted areas and hardwood flooring. Keep in mind that it’s not recommended for wall-to-wall carpets as there are other models better suited for this.

Miele S2121 Olympus Vacuum CleanerThis cleaner comes ready with a six speed dial that allows the user to control the power of its suction, one being the lowest setting to six being the highest. As for the on board tools, they comprise of a dusting brush, for objects like lamps, figurines and table surfaces; an upholstery nozzle and a crevice tool for the suctioning of little dust/crumb particles between cushions and other tight areas that are usually difficult to reach. The S2120 also comes equipped with a Hyclean dust bag for further filtration. It includes a self-closing collar feature, in which it automatically seals your dust bag once the lid to the actual dust compartment is opened, preventing any debris collected to escape into the air.

The Olympus S2120 also has an automatic cable rewind, a stainless steel wand, and best of all, a safety shut-off feature that prevents it from overheating. It’s efficacy and controlled power all wrapped into one. The performance also doesn’t leave one wanting more. It not only looks slick, but it also works magnificently. It’s lightweight, and as the casters aren’t fixed in place, the canister can move smoothly in every direction. It’s extremely silent, almost akin to a smooth, purring rumble of a brand new sports car when compared to a beat up, old station wagon, and it can transition from hardwood to low pile carpeting just as effortlessly. The main head attachment of the cleaner is also quite flexible in a way that it can be moved up and down, as well as rotate, which can enable the user to lay the cleaner flat for easy access to areas such as under couches and under the beds.

Customer Feedback

The Negative Reviews

This vacuum is one of few that has received an almost-perfect score on However, we dug a bit through all the positive reviews and were able to find a few negatives about this product. The bottom line is, the wheels on the vacuum are a bit too small, causing a bit of difficulty sometimes which then requires you to tug it a bit in order to get it over its own cord. Another customer pointed out something that seemed to be a big issue at first. This customer made a quick assumption that the vacuum was only great for rugs,  but tends to “scratch” hardwood floors. This seems like a very big flaw in design. However, it turns out that this particular customer did not see the switch near the vac head, which needs to be switched between hardwood floor and carpet, in order to avoid the terrible scraping sounds. Although this was an oversight on the users part, it’s important to take note of this so that future customers do not run into the same issue.

The Positive Reviews

There’s an overwhelming number of positive reviews for this product that the negative reviews appear to be swept away. Customers loved the fact that the Olympus S2120 was lightweight, easy to maneuver around. It is a great vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor, rug, has incredibly strong suction power from such a compact vacuum, and absolutely quiet for such a powerful cleaner. One customer mentioned that she was able to hold a phone conversation perfectly while it was running. Another swore that after having used this vacuum, she will never use another vacuum that is not a Miele.


One notable disadvantage to this product is its curved handle. Since it was designed for convenience when carrying, the product can take up a lot of space in a closet. Nevertheless, all in all, though the S2120 is not inexpensive, this canister vacuum does a great job and is definitely well worth the cost, as many would claim. The silent motor doesn’t send pets running in fear. It’s super light and definitely a top choice for anyone who is considering purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.

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How to Clean Kitchen Floor Grout Between Tiles

Kitchen Floor GroutThe kitchen is a frequently visited room, and for this reason, it tends to get soiled quite easily. It is part of the house that gets a lot of dirt that frequently move in and out.

Most kitchen floors have tile floors, and the grout between the tile is where most of the dirt will be visible.

When you are cleaning your kitchen floor, the grout is where you’ll want to be focusing most of your attention.

Now that you know what to clean, it’s time to find out how to do it. In other words, what cleaning material you’ll need for the process.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about how floor grout gets soiled in the first place.

Have you ever asked yourself where all that dirt comes from?

Well, grout is actually a combination of mildew, food stains, and leftover general household cleaning products.

What Are Your Options?

Grout cleaning options range quite a bit, from natural ingredients, to harsher chemical mixes. You need to have an idea of the type of grout stain you’ll be cleaning before you even start. For example, when dealing with simple stains, you only need to use simple household cleaners, but if the stain is older or more ingrained, you may need the help of heavier chemical compounds.

The following are ways you can get your grout clean again:

Simple Household Cleaners

For weak stains, these simple grout cleaning mixtures should be enough. You can mix together household products like baking soda or vinegar to make an effective cleaner. Just mix it together with equal amounts of water, rinse, and then repeat as necessary.

Generic Cleaners

Grout stains that are more difficult to remove will need something a bit stronger than your standard household cleaning mixtures. There are grout cleaning solutions from a number of companies that will do the job. You just have to look around at your local store.

Steam Cleaners

When regular solvent cleaners aren’t able to dissolve the grout stains effectively, this is where you’ll probably need something like a steam cleaner. The pressure from a steam machine can help loosen the stain and debris that gets ingrained into the floor tile grout.

Heavy Duty Commercial Cleaning Products

If all other options have failed, then a commercial grout cleaner is what you need to try next. They should be available at most home department stores. Make sure to pick one that’s pH balance in order to avoid eroding the grout after continuous use.

Most commercial grout cleaners will need you to leave on after application in order for the chemicals to settle. For best results, always follow the instruction label that comes with each product.

The Cleaning Process:

  1. Here are the simple steps to follow in order to successfully clean the grout on your tile floor:
  2. Have all your tools and cleaners ready. You need need a spray bottle, protective clothing, a scrub brush, rubber gloves, safety glasses, a mop, and some clean water.
  3. Prepare a paste by mixing the cleaning products with water as necessary to dillute the solution depending on how tough the stains are. Stronger stains need a higher concentration, so add a bit less water.
  4. Apply the solution to your floor by spraying the cleaning onto the area.
  5. Use your brush to scrub the applied solution in a circular motion.
  6. After you have scrubbed the area sufficiently, use enough water to completely rinse the chemicals away.
  7. Any remaining moisture should be removed with your mop afterwards.
  8. Allow your kitchen some floor time to dry.

Bottom Line

Cleaning of kitchen grout should be carried out with care. Different types of grout stains require different levels of cleaning, and it is up to you to determine what it suitable for yours. The manner in which you do the actual cleaning will determine how successful you are in removing the grout stain, and how well you can keep your floors protected over time. Scrubbing in circles is the best way to get grout stains out, and using the right cleaning product will ensure that the stain is removed with minimal damage to your floors long-term.

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Tips to Clean Your Room Fast And Easy

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to waste countless hours in order to clean a room thoroughly. Here are 7 tips to get you started:

Clean Room


1. Use a hand held portable dust buster or vacuum cleaner

One way to ensure that your floor never gets too dirty is to frequently use a small, hand held, dust buster style vacuum cleaner, to clean small sections of your room. That way, you’ll only have to drag out your full size vacuum cleaner once a week. If you frequently snack in your room, it’s wise to quickly vacuum your floor afterwards.

2. Use color coded micro fiber cloths for different surfaces

Micro fiber clothes are ideal for cleaning your windows as well as mirrors and countertops and tabletops as they pick up the smallest pieces of dust and debris. One way to ensure that you’re organized is to use a different color micro fiber cloth for each surface that you plan on cleaning. Micro fiber clothes are extremely handy and can also be used in your bathroom and kitchen.

Best of all microfiber clothes can be rewashed and reused, instead of being thrown out after a single use, like paper towels.

3. Store items that you hardly use, in plastic containers under your bed

You’ll find that your room is far easier to clean if it’s not cluttered with items such as clothing, that you hardly use. It’s well worth investing in vacuum storage bags, which allow you to pack more clothes into plastic containers, which you can then store under your bed. If you’re interested you may want to try vacuum packing each set of clothes away at the end of each season.

4. Play upbeat music whilst you clean

If you find it hard to be productive, when it’s cleaning time, you may find that cleaning is a breeze with the help of a few upbeat songs. Better yet, why not put together a cleaning playlist, full of your favorite dance tracks?

5. Purchase fitted sheets for your bed

If you find making your bed each day, a bit of a chore you may want to consider purchasing fitted sheets which contain elastic, which makes putting fresh sheets on your bed a breeze.

6. Roll your clothes, instead of folding them

In order to create extra space in your drawers, it’s well worth rolling your clothes, the same way you would if you were packing a suitcase for a vacation!

7. Purchase a handy desk organizer

If your desk is a mess, you may want to purchase a handy desk organizer, which will contain spots for your pens, pencils, scissors and post-it notes. You’ll find the entire task to be easier if you keep each item, in its proper place.

So there you have it, cleaning doesn’t have to take hours of your time, if you learn to clean efficiently and follow the tips listed above, you’ll find that cleaning your room is a breeze.

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Best Cleaning Products For a Home With a Baby

A majority of home cleaning products contain synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals which release harmful fumes and are perilous in case of skin contact. Even though these ingredients are rated safe by the E.U. and U.S. authorities when properly used around the home, there are plenty of companies which provide natural and eco-friendly alternatives that are safe for the environment and people.

What Home Cleaners are Safe for Babies?


Of course you desire a clean house for your baby, and using safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products will help you achieve that. Such products will not only make your house sparkle, they won’t risk your baby’s health. Below we will discuss the top health-conscious cleaners available for parents with babies in their homes:

Floor Cleaners

Castille SoapCastile soap is a safe efficient cleaner for linoleum, wood floors and tiles. To use it for normal cleaning, mix 1/4 cup of castile soap together with two gallons of warm water. For greasier messes, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to this solution. In case you do not have castile soap nearby, you may use water and plain vinegar to securely clean your floors.

To make your floors shine after you have finished cleaning, utilize a one-to-one ratio of vinegar and vegetable oil and rub it onto your home’s floors using a soft rag. For linoleum floors, mix skim milk with water and damp mop them to obtain a clean shine.

In case you’ve carpets in your home, baking soda is a secure deodorizer to keep them looking fresh and smelling. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet or rug, let it stay for fifteen minutes or more, and then vacuum. For stains on carpets, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality advices that you use club soda to lift off the stains. Pour a tiny amount of club soda on these stains and blot immediately using a dry, clean cloth. Do this again until the stain has faded.

All-Purpose Cleaners

Plain baking soda mixed in water or sprinkled on surfaces and wiped using a damp sponge is a safe all-purpose cleaner. For tough or greasy stains, you may mix salt and vinegar for a scrubbing paste. Vinegar cuts the salt and the grease functions as a mild abrasive.

Castile soap, that is a mild, plant-based liquid soap, may also be used for a majority of your general cleaning needs. 1 tablespoonful of castile soap mixed together with one quart of warm water may be used to clean your sink, counters, oven or stove. A final wipe using clean water and drying using a soft rag will stop film or streaks from developing when using any of these cleaners.

Tub and Tile Cleaners

Most commercial tub and tile bathroom cleaners are strong and hazardous, so finding safe solutions when you have a baby in the home makes sense. For your toilet bowl, Georgia Division of Public Health advises using a toilet scrub brush with castile soap or plain baking soda. For soap scum in the tub or shower, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar will make a weak abrasive which will cut through the soap scum and leave your shower sparkling clean.

Vinegar is additionally effective against mildew and mold in the bathroom. Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality advises cleaning it with equal proportions of vinegar and salt to remove off mildew stains and prevent further growth.

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How To Get Motivated To Clean

Have you become overwhelmed by clutter in your home? Do you keep postponing cleaning up because you just don’t feel like doing the laundry, mopping the house and doing the dishes? Well, you have the day off and now you must declutter the mess in your house. How do you get psyched up for the task at hand?

You ought to start from somewhere, right?

The difficult part of any job is actually getting started and the same applies here. Have you noticed that when you finally get to tackle a task that you have been postponing for weeks it isn’t as tough as you had envisioned. The biggest barrier is a psychological one. So, the mere action of taking the bed sheets into laundry room is enough to get you going.

Clean up in The Morning

Did you know that whenever you opt to face a daunting task first thing in the morning, it’ll get done quicker? So, set your alarm and go to bed early in readiness for ‘battle’. Once you are done with the cleaning, you will enjoy the rest of the day with a sense of accomplishment. Don’t worry about how messy the house is, get down to action and you will have the rest of the day to do other things.

Avoid Distractions

Just admit it, your attention is never on one thing. One minute you are skimming through the newspaper and the next second you are checking out a short documentary on TV. Then your phone rings and you answer it while looking for a pen to write an email address down. Don’t lose focus when you are cleaning. If need be, turn off you phone, the TV or tablet and spend just an hour or two sorting the mess.

Don’t be Perfect

You don’t have to be perfect. Keep in mind that you are decluttering the mess, not preparing for a royal visit. You only have about an hour to clean up so don’t get caught up for 30 minutes removing gum stuck on the carpet whilst you could have spent that time making your bed or vacuuming the living room.

A playlist of your favorite jams will get the groove going

A little bit of music can go a long way. What does this mean? Well, whenever you are doing a chore, listen in to your favorite radio show or listen to your favorite songs and you’d be surprised by how fast you finish the job. A word of caution though – don’t be too carried away.

Set up a Schedule

This is a great way of managing valuable time. Think of the routine as a version of Google Earth that maps your cleaning. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it saves you a lot of time. For instance:

  • First thing in the morning – take all bedding, curtains into the laundry room.
  • Take the carpet into the driving lot in readiness for cleaning
  • Do the dishes
  • Dust off furniture
  • Get a helping hand if you have a lot to do

Use these tips next time you need a bit of extra cleaning motivation.

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How to Clean And Freshen up Your Mattress

Does the thought of microscopic critter hiding in your mattress conjure a gag reflex in you? It certainly does in me. Dust mites thrive in dust particles around your home and feed on dead human skin you shed on a daily basis.

This means that your bedding, including the fabric of your mattress is one of their favorite places to live. While washing your bed sheets weekly and cleaning and refreshing it every month is recommended to control these pesky mites, it is not the only reason for doing so.

You probably spend six to eight hours on it every night. This probably the longest time you spend in one spot and inevitably, your sweat may accumulate over time resulting in stains and bad odors.

Now, every time you start getting creeped out about dust mites living where you sleep or smell a hint of bad odors, you should freshen your mattress by stripping of that mattress pad as well as those sheets, wash them in hot water and eliminate the stains. After this, you should clean and refresh it to extend its lifespan and keep your bed smelling fresh.

1. Remove The Dust Mites

We can’t prevent dust mites any more than we can completely eliminate germs and bacteria, but we sure can keep them under control and minimize any possible negative impacts on our health and quality of life. Moreover, dust mites can also reduce the lifespan if left unchecked. Follow these simple steps to clean a mattress and remove dust mites:

  • Remove the mattress cover, blankets, sheets, and pillows.
  • Vacuum the top and sides.
  • Pull off the mattress and vacuum the bed’s box springs, ensuring that you also do the sides.
  • Flip it over and vacuum its bottom.

2. Remove Stains

No matter how careful you are, you will occasionally need to remove stains too. Ideally, you should use a small steam cleaner to cover the affected area with the cleaner solution without saturating it with water as this may spread the stain across the fabric. Hydrogen peroxide is a good stain remover that won’t damage the mattress’ fabric.


  • Spray the cleaning solution to the stain.
  • Using a steam cleaner, extract the material or use a clean cloth the blot the area.
  • Turn on your fan or open your bedroom windows to let it air dry.
  • Do not cover it with bedding till it dries completely.

3. Remove The Odors

Odors can be difficult to remove once they get absorbed into a mattress. Baking soda and vinegar remove odors by balancing the pH levels of the odor-causing material. Neutral materials have little to not odor at all. There are three ways you can use to remove odors completely.

  • Using vinegar – Vinegar is highly acidic which makes it an excellent disinfectant that neutralizes the odors disinfects the material and leaves no residue so there is no need to rinse it afterwards. To remove odors with white vinegar, simple spray it over the entire mattress after vacuuming it then let is air dry.
  • Using baking soda – This is a very effective alkaline odor neutralizer. To remove odors with baking soda, sprinkle it over the striped mattress, let it sit overnight then vacuum the baking soda off the next day.
  • Air and sunlight – Exposing your mattress to air and sunlight is great way to deodorize it naturally. The sun’s UV light can dissipate chemical odors and may change the chemical composition of some substances stopping the odors right from the source. Take it out to air dry in the sun for at least 12 hours.

These are the tools you need to clean your mattress and freshen it. You can use a cover to minimize damage  and increase its lifespan.

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