How to Clean Kitchen Floor Grout Between Tiles

Kitchen Floor GroutThe kitchen is a frequently visited room, and for this reason, it tends to get soiled quite easily. It is part of the house that gets a lot of dirt that frequently move in and out.

Most kitchen floors have tile floors, and the grout between the tile is where most of the dirt will be visible.

When you are cleaning your kitchen floor, the grout is where you’ll want to be focusing most of your attention.

Now that you know what to clean, it’s time to find out how to do it. In other words, what cleaning material you’ll need for the process.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about how floor grout gets soiled in the first place.

Have you ever asked yourself where all that dirt comes from?

Well, grout is actually a combination of mildew, food stains, and leftover general household cleaning products.

What Are Your Options?

Grout cleaning options range quite a bit, from natural ingredients, to harsher chemical mixes. You need to have an idea of the type of grout stain you’ll be cleaning before you even start. For example, when dealing with simple stains, you only need to use simple household cleaners, but if the stain is older or more ingrained, you may need the help of heavier chemical compounds.

The following are ways you can get your grout clean again:

Simple Household Cleaners

For weak stains, these simple grout cleaning mixtures should be enough. You can mix together household products like baking soda or vinegar to make an effective cleaner. Just mix it together with equal amounts of water, rinse, and then repeat as necessary.

Generic Cleaners

Grout stains that are more difficult to remove will need something a bit stronger than your standard household cleaning mixtures. There are grout cleaning solutions from a number of companies that will do the job. You just have to look around at your local store.

Steam Cleaners

When regular solvent cleaners aren’t able to dissolve the grout stains effectively, this is where you’ll probably need something like a steam cleaner. The pressure from a steam machine can help loosen the stain and debris that gets ingrained into the floor tile grout.

Heavy Duty Commercial Cleaning Products

If all other options have failed, then a commercial grout cleaner is what you need to try next. They should be available at most home department stores. Make sure to pick one that’s pH balance in order to avoid eroding the grout after continuous use.

Most commercial grout cleaners will need you to leave on after application in order for the chemicals to settle. For best results, always follow the instruction label that comes with each product.

The Cleaning Process:

  1. Here are the simple steps to follow in order to successfully clean the grout on your tile floor:
  2. Have all your tools and cleaners ready. You need need a spray bottle, protective clothing, a scrub brush, rubber gloves, safety glasses, a mop, and some clean water.
  3. Prepare a paste by mixing the cleaning products with water as necessary to dillute the solution depending on how tough the stains are. Stronger stains need a higher concentration, so add a bit less water.
  4. Apply the solution to your floor by spraying the cleaning onto the area.
  5. Use your brush to scrub the applied solution in a circular motion.
  6. After you have scrubbed the area sufficiently, use enough water to completely rinse the chemicals away.
  7. Any remaining moisture should be removed with your mop afterwards.
  8. Allow your kitchen some floor time to dry.

Bottom Line

Cleaning of kitchen grout should be carried out with care. Different types of grout stains require different levels of cleaning, and it is up to you to determine what it suitable for yours. The manner in which you do the actual cleaning will determine how successful you are in removing the grout stain, and how well you can keep your floors protected over time. Scrubbing in circles is the best way to get grout stains out, and using the right cleaning product will ensure that the stain is removed with minimal damage to your floors long-term.

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