Tips to Clean Your Room Fast And Easy

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to waste countless hours in order to clean a room thoroughly. Here are 7 tips to get you started:

Clean Room


1. Use a hand held portable dust buster or vacuum cleaner

One way to ensure that your floor never gets too dirty is to frequently use a small, hand held, dust buster style vacuum cleaner, to clean small sections of your room. That way, you’ll only have to drag out your full size vacuum cleaner once a week. If you frequently snack in your room, it’s wise to quickly vacuum your floor afterwards.

2. Use color coded micro fiber cloths for different surfaces

Micro fiber clothes are ideal for cleaning your windows as well as mirrors and countertops and tabletops as they pick up the smallest pieces of dust and debris. One way to ensure that you’re organized is to use a different color micro fiber cloth for each surface that you plan on cleaning. Micro fiber clothes are extremely handy and can also be used in your bathroom and kitchen.

Best of all microfiber clothes can be rewashed and reused, instead of being thrown out after a single use, like paper towels.

3. Store items that you hardly use, in plastic containers under your bed

You’ll find that your room is far easier to clean if it’s not cluttered with items such as clothing, that you hardly use. It’s well worth investing in vacuum storage bags, which allow you to pack more clothes into plastic containers, which you can then store under your bed. If you’re interested you may want to try vacuum packing each set of clothes away at the end of each season.

4. Play upbeat music whilst you clean

If you find it hard to be productive, when it’s cleaning time, you may find that cleaning is a breeze with the help of a few upbeat songs. Better yet, why not put together a cleaning playlist, full of your favorite dance tracks?

5. Purchase fitted sheets for your bed

If you find making your bed each day, a bit of a chore you may want to consider purchasing fitted sheets which contain elastic, which makes putting fresh sheets on your bed a breeze.

6. Roll your clothes, instead of folding them

In order to create extra space in your drawers, it’s well worth rolling your clothes, the same way you would if you were packing a suitcase for a vacation!

7. Purchase a handy desk organizer

If your desk is a mess, you may want to purchase a handy desk organizer, which will contain spots for your pens, pencils, scissors and post-it notes. You’ll find the entire task to be easier if you keep each item, in its proper place.

So there you have it, cleaning doesn’t have to take hours of your time, if you learn to clean efficiently and follow the tips listed above, you’ll find that cleaning your room is a breeze.

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