Is it Harder to Clean Hardwood Floors Than Carpet?

Hardwood floors and carpets are great embellishments to your house. If you are worried about cleaning either of these two, worry no more.

When cleaning hardwoods, you consider most how they are finished. This will come in handy when buying a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. Most recent floors are finished with polyacrylic which is water and stain resistant. This is very easy to clean, just mop it daily. Some of them are covered with varnish. When not sure of the finishing on your floor, clean the floor gently.

5 Steps to Follow When Cleaning Hardwood

  1. Fill a bucket with water. For a site finished floor, ensure that you have the appropriate cleaner.
  2. Pour in some floor cleaner.
  3. Put your mop into the bucket of water, wring it completely and use it to mop the floor. Ensure that your mop is not dripping any water onto the floor.
  4. For tough stains, spot clean them with a drop mineral spirits.
  5. You can use a dry cloth to dry the moist floor or let it dry on its own.

Carpets on the other hand cover a large surface of your floor and they have furniture on them. Carpets may get stains or odors due to high traffic on them. To avoid this you can encourage everyone who comes into your house to remove their shoes. When cleaning the carpet, you will need to move all furniture on it until it dries.

6 Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Carpet

  1. Ask for help to move the furniture out of the room for easier cleaning.
  2. Treat stains on the carpet with stain remover spray.
  3. Fill the cleaning machine water tank with water and mix with detergent. Use small amounts of detergent or you will later have to contend with a sticky carpet likely to attract more dirt and stains.
  4. With your carpet cleaning machine ready, vacuum the entire room twice in different directions. Start from one corner of the room and then return to where you started. You should see dirty water being sucked up into the waste water tank.
  5. Empty the waste water tank and refill the clean water tank and go through it again for rinsing.
  6. Allow ample time for the carpet to dry before returning the furniture.

Hardwood is durable and create a pleasant feel to your house. Like all other household appliances they will need to be kept clean to uphold hygiene and to keep your house and surroundings attractive. It is in the house where we rest after a long day of work and share precious time with family and friends.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain compared to the carpet. You will need to have at least 24 hours to clean and let your carpet dry before you have you’re your furniture returned to its place. It is also tasking and back breaking when you move all your furniture twice in one day. Just mop regularly to maintain shine, 10 minutes every day and you are good. Sometimes they may scratch, but scratches are easier to fix than carpet stains.

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