How to Find a Good Hardwood Floor Vacuum

There is such a vast array of different vacuum cleaners on the market and each has their own uses and benefits. Do not fall into the category of homeowners using an ordinary vacuum when you moved into a home with hardwood floors. With the right vacuum, cleaning is a simple job.

If you think that your top of the range machine works perfectly, you are mistaken. I recently moved into a home with pristine hardwood floors and also thought that my top rated Hoover will effortlessly clean the smooth flat surfaces. Bad mistake, my older but still new vacuum was designed with carpeting in mind. Look at the following obvious differences between a carpeting and hardwood-flooring machine:

  • Carpeting machines normally have plastic wheels, scratching wood surfaces
  • Hey lack additional padding to prevent damage
  • Thick bristles on the brushes can scratch the floors
  • The brush scatter debris, dirt and pet hair instead of picking it up

Look for the following features when searching for a good hardwood vacuum:

  • Great suction power
  • Lightweight models glides easily across your floor
  • Rubber wheels prevents damage
  • Added padding further prevents digs, damages and scratching
  • No rolling brushes
  • Sweeping and mopping functionality
  • Felt stripes

Why Traditional Sweeping is not an Option

You may argue that it may be easier to just sweep your floors, but keep in mind the tiny particles you leave behind. So often accidental messing includes harder grit, which dull your floors and scratches it when walking over it. The same goes for mopping your floor after sweeping it, the mop cannot pick up everything and dirt is just re-deposited. Cleaning machines do not leave dust and dirt in seams on the floor either.

Choosing Between Upright and Canister

I suppose here it is a matter of preference as they can both be equally effective. The only advantage the canister has is the fact that it may be lighter than an upright. With the separate motor, you can carry the canister in one hand while vacuuming your hardwood with the other.

The upright models tend to be a bit heavier, making your work tiring and you have to push the complete unit across your floor. Some upright models maneuver with difficulty and marring your surface is possible.

The Top Rated Machines For Wood Flooring

  • Miele S2121 Olympus is a canister cleaner and exceptionally lightweight with powerful suction. What makes it a top choice is that it effortlessly transitions from carpets to smooth floors if you have a combination of the two.
  • BISSEL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded, 81L2T is an affordable price vacuum with a 20-foot cord. It has a swivel head for cleaning around furniture with the V-Shape foot concentrating dirt better for suction.
  • BISSEL 53Y8 LiftOFF Floors is feather light and compact, folding double to store it. This cordless machine has powerful suction and transforms into a handheld.
  • Electrolux UltraSilencer Green Canister EL6984A lives up to all expectations in cleaning effortlessly. It has great suction power, maneuverable, very quiet, and lightweight. A very comfortable handle makes it easy to carry if you do not want to drag it across your floors.

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