Laminate vs. Hardwood vs. Carpet : Which Should You Choose?

As they say, for you to stand firm, your feet should be in the right. Speaking of which, the flooring of your home that hugs your feet, is an important decision to make, because the appearance, the comfort and costs of purchase and installation, matter. Let`s have a close look at the three options, laminate, hardwood and carpet, and decide which is better, for which part of the house?

I will discuss, the three products in order with their pros and cons, so that we can finally arrive at an agreeable conclusion for both of us.

Hardwood – Hard Investment For Durability

Consisting of natural timber, this old-timer option comes with the burden of initial expenditure, compared its contestant s. Installation too, could be a hassle and might need the hand of a professional, although tongue-and-groove planks are available these days, which come handy if you are going to do it yourself.

That being said, well-finished hardwood would last several cycles of laminating and carpeting, with good maintenance. Since, water can seep in, it does not resist water as fine as a laminate floor and could lose its natural color. But it can be repaired to excellent conditions and would yield much more than its counterparts if you consider selling.

Carpet – Comfortable and Insulating

Usually made of a synthetic material like nylon or polypropylene, this would be cheaper and easier to install than hardwood. Lasting the least of the three, it comes with the benefit of insulation properties, making a minimum of noise when tapped upon. But its particular affinity for water adds up as a disadvantage, for it tends to retain stains and would act as a good breeding ground for fungi, if not properly cleaned or replaced. If you are prone to allergic reactions like hay-fever or asthma, consider a material with less volatile organic compounds or simply go for another option.

Laminate – The Synthetic Solution?

This is a man-made four layered product with a topmost melamine resin coating. The initial cost would lie in-between carpet and hardwood, but as you know, it changes with the quality. Mostly coming in tongue and groove locking installation, could be a good project or a DIY guy. Also, it can withstand water way better that its counterparts, being an ideal choice for kitchen and dining room flooring.

The hassles of cleanliness and emission of allergens that came with carpets, would no longer be a problem. It cannot be refurnished like hardwood, and you would have to use pads on furniture to minimize the physical damages. It comes with a wide array of looks, including stone,ceramic and wood of course. Though not resale-able as handily as hardwood, it is certainly better in the market than carpet.

Making The Choice

It is the decision making time. That varies depending on where in your house you want to floor, and many other factors specific to you. I would recommend you to consider what would be your choice for each of the following key questions and then decide for yourself , from the comparisons I have made above.

  1. How much are you going to spend?
  2. Where in the house? a place with moisture collection, your bedroom where your health matters, or the living space where looks matter?
  3. Which method of installation is best?
  4. How to maintain in the long term or re-sale if planning to move?

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