Tips to Choosing the Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Finding a handheld vacuum that offers the best tools and fits your needs in terms of cleaning is usually a very daunting task for many.

Considering their various designs, sizes and functionality in the market, you may find yourself choosing a cleaner that doesn’t completely satisfy your needs.

1. Weight of the machine

Portable VacuumWhen buying or choosing a vacuum, it is very important to consider its weight. Its weight should be comfortable enough to allow you to easily clean up even the smallest spills and messes. You should also look at how high it can be lifted without causing wrist or arm pains and without using too much energy.

2. Capacity of the dirt cup

The capacity of the dirt cup dictates the amount of dirt and debris that the cleaner can hold. Larger capacity vacuums will save you the hassle of emptying frequently. If you plan on cleaning a larger portion without taking breaks to empty the dirt cup, you should consider choosing larger capacity vacuums.

3. Cordless or corded and power intake

Are you planning on picking one of the BHVGuide recommended cordless vacuums? Cordless vacuums are more easily portable as compared to corded ones. If you need a cordless cleaner, then you should consider its battery capacity. Most cordless vacuums last 5 to 30 minutes before being recharged thus may not be used for so long. Corded vacuums can be used as long as there is electricity running. For corded vacuums, the length of the cord should be at least 20 feet for easy mobility.

4. The price

You should always consider your budget. If you plan to use your vacuum frequently, for example for a cleaning business, more expensive portable vacuums with better functionality should be considered. Buy less functional vacuums for occasional usage as they are less expensive.

5. Suction power

Good vacuums should have optimum suction power to allow cleaning of all surfaces. Some cleaners also have a blowing option that allows the blowing of dirt and debris from hard to reach areas like crevices before being properly picked up. The suction power will also determine its carpet cleaning capability, its ability to clean pet hairs and also its ability to clean electronics like computers, televisions and CD player without altering with their functioning.

6. Attachments

What kind of attachments does your portable vacuum come with? To save on the cost of buying attachments separately, you may consider buying a vacuum that comes with crevice tools, hose attachments, adjustable nozzles or/and brush type attachments depending on your cleaning needs. Some of the best handheld vacuums also come with HEPA filters or micron filters that absorb airborne particles thus preventing sparking off allergies.

7. The ease of use and maintenance

Having a portable vacuum should help make your cleaning easier. It should be easy to handle, operate and empty. Using your vacuum should never feel like a punishment. Its spares should be easily accessible and the service centers should be conveniently located just in case it malfunctions.

8. Warranty

Lastly, make sure the product has an up-to-date warranty. Be sure to know how long the warranty lasts since your vacuum may unexpectedly develop problems.

Final Note

With all that being said, if you are serious about finding the best vacuum cleaner for your home, floor, and unique situation, then you need to look at vacuum cleaner reviews at reputable sites and narrow down what exactly you need. There are many vacuums that vary in quality, price, and function, but none of this alone is enough to determine which one is ideal.

The only way to get the most bang for buck is to first figure out what you are looking for, and then read the reviews to determine which cleaner fits the description best. For a more in depth review on how to find the best portable handheld vacuum, check out this handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide from Floor Executives.

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