Reasons to Choose a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Fun Handheld Vacuum CleanerWith your busy schedule, you’re probably looking for quick solutions for your cleaning problems. Housekeeping can be an absolute chore, with little children and frisky pets creating troublesome messes. They sometimes make the task harder than it needs to be.

Assembling huge vacuum cleaners can be a time consuming hassle. Yet, cleaning needs to be done. This is the time for a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, or handvac, to make an appearance. Why should we use a handvac? After all, they can’t perform big cleaning tasks.

Here are 10 good reasons to have them around:

1) They are portable

Handvacs, especially the cordless ones, are portable and easily brought to any place that needs cleaning. They rank above traditional vacuum cleaners where mobility is concerned. The usual vacuum cleaners, corded and bulky, can only be used within confined areas.

2) They go where no other vacuum can

To borrow a phrase from Star Trek, small handvacs can go where no other vacuum has gone before. These nifty devices, with the help of wonderful accessories, can clean hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Good ones work on most surfaces. They are able to get to hard to reach areas on your hardwood floors.

3) They can camp with you

Saying that these small cleaners can go anywhere is an understatement. You can bring them camping and caravanning with you. WIth the help of portable adapters and chargers, they are useful additions to your cleaning arsenal. They are stored easily in your car or RV and make great traveling companions.

4) They spruce up your car

Cumbersome as they are, you wouldn’t want to use a traditional vacuum machine to clean your car. Big vacuums are usually corded and can’t be brought to your car anyway. Cars have no sockets to plug their cords into. The handvac, well-charged, solves these problems easily. They can clean out little nooks and crannies in your car with ease.

5) They don’t just clean your floors

Imagine yourself using the traditional vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt on your sofa or desk. With a clank and a clunk, the long suction hoses will surely push you over and wind themselves around you. The handvac can step in to clean surfaces that you can’t use a regular full sized machine on.

Good handvacs can retrieve dust from:

  • Chairs
  • Desk tops
  • Kitchen counter tops
  • Sofas

6) They pick up the little things

Handvacs go after the little spills and messes that are created inadvertently. It may be too much of a hassle to assemble a traditional cleaner just to suck up a small spill or patch of dust on the floor. They come in handy with its ability to clean up small messes quickly and efficiently. These small devices do so quickly, without the need for the tedious process of putting them together.

7) They clean up after your pets

A handvac can be a dream accessory if you have pets at home. Those which shed heavily can cause little headaches. They leave little gifts of hair behind wherever they walk. Good handvacs, like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, pick up pet hair in the crevices of sofas and other hard-to-reach corners.

8) They come with cool accessories

Handvacs usually come with motorized accessories and attachments that are great for picking up annoying pet hair and dirt in those nasty grooves.

Their job is made easier with:

  • Motorized, rotating brushes
  • Crevice tools
  • Detachable bins

As an added boon for the forgetful, some come with these accessories already attached. It solves the problem of looking for easily misplaced ones.

9) They jazz up those stairs

  • If you have upholstered stairs, you’ll know that cleaning them can be a chore.
  • They have no space for your vacuum cleaner to rest on or clean them.
  • Handvacs are needed for the seamless cleaning of those upholstered stairs. They access their difficult edges with little trouble.

10) You can give them a home easily

Good handvacs can be stored anywhere, horizontally or even vertically. Some models even come with chargers that can be mounted on walls with ease.

If you think that getting yourself a handvac is an unnecessary waste of time and resources. perhaps it’s time to think again.

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