Reasons to Own a Handheld Vacuum Even if You Already Have an Upright

We all have an Upright vacuum cleaner that we always use on weekends when doing our general cleaning. It’s a very powerful and effective dirt remover that helps you to get the work done easily and quickly. However, what happens when the kids spill snacks and food particles on the couch, it would be crazy to start cleaning it with the heavy upright vacuum.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you need a handheld vacuum that has the best portability, and ease of use. It also comes in handy when cleaning those hard to reach places, especially car interiors as well as removing pet hair from seats and clothes. They are small but have very powerful suction power despite their size.

When I first bought my handheld, I just wanted something light and powerful. These two factors were the most important to me but a vacuum with additional features like nozzles for effective suction is also a major factor.


Cost is a universal factor when shopping for any commodity. Cordless vacuums are more expensive than the corded ones although the latter has more suction power. In terms of portability cordless vacuums offers the ultimate touch and they run on rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about the power source.


It’s the second most important factor to consider after cost. The power of the vacuum should be strong enough to pick a wide range of dirt particles and debris from all surfaces. When going through the details of the vacuum go for the one with a high voltage motor because this translates to greater power and better cleaning. Check also for a vacuum with a rotating brush as the brush helps in detaching debris from surfaces and ease the suction process.


Portability is an important factor since the aim of having a portable vacuum is to give you the power to go where upright vacuums cannot go. Cordless vacuums have the ultimate portability as compared to the corded ones because the latter has to be near an electric socket.


Always go for a handheld machine that has additional features like nozzles, extensions and other enhancement tools. This makes it easier for the vacuum cleaner to reach curvy and edgy surfaces like the stairs, car seats and spaces within the couch leading to a more efficient cleaning experience. You should also check for models that can clean both wet and dry surfaces. Some vacuums only clean one type of mess and this limits the ease of dealing with different types of dirt.

Listed above are just general guidelines on the factors to consider before you make a purchase. Keep in mind that a handheld is not an upright vacuum cleaner, but it does serve it’s own unique purpose when it comes to keeping your home clean. The vacuum best for you is totally dependent on your preference. From coffee spills, to snacks on the couch, and pet hair, a handheld vacuum always comes in handy to give you an easy time within the house.

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