Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Review

Eco-friendly appliances have become really popular over the years, and it’s undeniable that there’s a need to encourage these products. Right now, we have a variety of eco-friendly appliances, from refrigerators to televisions to air-conditioners, and even to cooking appliances. It only makes sense that cleaning appliances should follow their lead too. The Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer, manufactured by Electrolux, is one of those cleaning appliances that go green – an environmentalist’s friend. The UltraSilencer is a green vacuum cleaner made out of 55% recycled materials, and 80% packaging from recycled, unbleached cardboard.

Features of the Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6984A

This vacuum cleaner boasts a high-efficiency motor and a low noise output of only 60 DBA; It’s so quiet that you won’t have to worry about it scaring any pets. It comes with an easily adjustable suction power, an indicator to inform you just how full the dirt bag is, a motor filter which can be replaced, and a convenient handle for comfortable carrying.

Electrolux UltraSilencerAs it only weighs at about 22.6 pounds, this light weight machine has plenty of onboard tool attachments that include: a carpet/floor nozzle for easy carpet to floor cleaning, a telescopic tube, a hose/hose handle, a crevice tool, a dust bag and a combination of a nozzle/brush for cleaning curtains, bookshelves, frames and other available objects. It has a foot activated on and off button which makes it very convenient to manage. It also has a foot pedal that allows the user to rewind the cord when they’re finished. The cord itself is quite long – so you don’t need to keep unplugging it every time you change rooms.

Another great feature is the stair bumper for standing stability, as well as a large pair of soft wheels for silence, although it isn’t very mobile on deep carpets. The Electrolux UltraSilencer Cleaner is very convenient and user friendly. It allows for easy transition between different surfaces, particularly those with low nap-to bare floor areas, like tiles, linoleum and hardwood floors.

The EL6984A works wonders on bare floors, especially hardwood, as it was designed to be used for area rugs and solid floors. Not only is it super easy to use, it’s also great for the environment. It uses 33% less energy than most other vacuum cleaners and it’s made out of recycled plastic. Its high-powered motor has a dial that makes it easier for users to control the suction which usually does a fantastic job with no difficulty. So far, this vacuum seems like it deserves the 4.4 our of 5 star rating from Amazon! Lets take a look at what customers had to say about it.

Customer Feedback for Electrolux UltraSilencer Green Canister Vacuum

The Negative Reviews

There aren’t a lot of negative reviews for this vacuum, but a few customers did express their dislike for the weak suction power, saying that it was not as strong as they hoped it would be. Many of the negative reviewers also complained about the floor attachment and how it didn’t attach firmly to the hose. Another common complaint, was that it didn’t perform quite that well on their carpeted floor. However, this is to be expected as the Electrolux UltraSilencer was not designed as a carpet cleaner; it was designed for cleaning area rugs and solid floors.

The Positive Reviews

Although many of the negative reviewers mentioned about the vacuums “weak” suction, the opposite was observed with the positive review crowd. Many of these customers were simply blown away by the incredible suction power that came with this machine. One reviewer even mentioned that he had to use the suction relief valve on the handle of the vacuum for the first time, because the suction was too strong. Another happy customer reported about how he read a review on consumer reports regarding a similar model having deficient suction power, but was also blown away when he used this vacuum. Other positive reviews of this Electrolux vacuum praised it for being extremely easy to maneuver, light weight, and incredibly quiet, given its powerful suction.


The dust bags on this canister vacuum is ideal for those that prefer to use them, since using it tends to prevent the debris collected from floating back into the air when you open it. One thing to note about this vacuum cleaner, however, is its steep cost. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s definitely worth every cent. Although it’s a bit expensive, the pros for this Electrolux vacuum greatly contradict and outweigh the cons. This vacuum definitely gets our recommendation for its efficiency, silence, eco-friendly promise and amazing performance.

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Easy Mobility With Panasonic MC-CG902 Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is basically like choosing the right car to take a drive in. It has to suit your needs, give you the right benefits and convenience. The Panasonic MC-CG902 is a user friendly canister cleaner that is a bit smaller and lighter than most. The product is available in only a burgundy color and weighs at about 26.2 pounds with a 12A motor, a 24 foot power cord with cord reel.

Its convenient features also come with an easy grip handle that makes for easy maneuverability up the stairs, carpets and in several rooms, and an on/off bare-floor option that ensures safe bare-floor cleaning. Handy attachments are also provided as on-board tools, all of which are found in a secure compartment under the lid for easy accessibility, and typically comprise of a brush for bare-floor surfaces, an upholstery brush for living room chairs and furniture, and a dusting brush for surfaces like lamps and tabletops. An additional crevice tool is also available for the suctioning between couch cushions and tight places.


Panasonic MC-CG902Two chrome wands are included for places that are hard-to-reach, such as the far back corners and around light ceiling fixtures. Other features also include:

  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor
  • Dual Motor System
  • 14 Inch Cleaning Path
  • Hepa Filter
  • Automatic Cord Reel
  • Tools On Board
  • Handle Grip
  • On/Off Power Switch On Handle
  • EZ On/Off Bare-Floor Option On Handle
  • Curved Carrying Top Handle
  • 360 Degree Hose Swivel
  • 4 Position Carpet Height Adjustment
  • Headlight

The features and options that come with the cleaner ultimately help the user get a better, easier and more convenient cleaning experience.

The Negatives

There is also a 9-inch extra floor attachment that can reach the crooks and crannies that the power head won’t be able to reach. One notable disadvantage, however, is the cleaner’s lack of durability, as they only last for about less than a year. They don’t last as long as most brands, powerful though its suction motor is. The handle light also goes off when in floor mode and rotates at about 90 degrees counter clockwise, which is advantageous for right handed users, especially when cleaning under sofas, but it can be especially difficult for lefties.

The Positives

One of its most advantageous performances is its powerful suction. It can basically pick up everything, from little crumb particles to small rocks, and it’s a breeze to clean under beds and sofas. The cleaner’s light weight also gives it more flexible mobility, while the low profile power head provides the handler better access to toe kicks and sofas. It is also equipped with a power head, which makes it convenient to whip around the room. This Panasonic vacuum cleaner also operates with a low noise level compared to other brands and can be fitted with bags from other manufacturers too.


All in all, the MC-CG902 is quite convenient, with an exceptional suction. While it is not entirely durable, it cleans well for a machine with an affordable price.

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Eureka RapidClean 41A Review

Let’s be honest-I doubt that there are numerous people who can state that we truly like to vacuum. We could actually such as completion outcome of vacuuming, however in the end it’s a task than needs to be done a minimum of when a week (occasionally much more if you have children and animals!).

There was a time where I just had the one vacuum and might get the majority of my cleaning finished with it. After a while however, it ended up being increasingly more of a problem to drag that heavy thing from its closet and wheel it around the whole residence. What ended up being more of a discomfort was attempting to clean simply more than the floor with it!

When I recognized I required a brand-new vacuum-a smaller sized variation of the beast that I unwillingly make use of on a weekly basis, that’s. After purchasing the Eureka 41A, I have actually recognized that my cleaning regimen is a lot less forced and passes a lot faster.

How do you understand if you require one? I ‘d state review my list below, and if these use to you, certainly make a strategy to acquire one quickly!

  • If you have stairs – Stairs, specifically carpeted ones, can get quickly neglected when you do not have the ideal cleaning devices. Complete sized vacuums are heavy enough as it is, however consistently dragging one up and down that uncomfortable location in your home for a couple of seconds of cleaning does not constantly appear wroth it (individuals can neglect mud on a white carpeting for a while, right?). After getting the 41A, I pertained to value the 25 foot cord and the capability to make use of one hand to swipe it throughout each stair a couple of times and proceed to the next one (I likewise do not need to stress over the vacuum landing on me from above!).
  • If you have furniture that requires vacuuming – We just recently got a brand-new sofa a loveseat with a stunning suede material covering, that we rapidly found does not zoom off and is stitched straight onto the furnishings! With the quantity of feline hair all over, it certainly needs being cleaned as often as the floor, however getting our full-sized system to do the task with its restricted accessories was a big discomfort! Fortunately, this design features a 3-foot hose that I can quickly utilize to obtain between those stitched on cushions.
  • Instead of cleaning up being a genuine procedure, I simply took out my brand-new mini vacuum and everything was back to typical in about 3 minutes. Certainly get one of these if you require access to fast clean up choices.

You definitely do not desire to be reluctant on choosing one of these up if you discover yourself with these 3 problems in your house! And at simply $43 on Amazon (with complimentary shipping, if you are a Prime member), how can you miss such a deal?

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Eureka EasyClean 71B Review

A while back, when I was still in rejection about my requirement for a hand held vacuum, I did a comprehensive Web search on which brand names I ought to concentrate on, if I might be encouraged to in fact go forth with a purchase.

After an especially undesirable occurrence including graham crackers and my kid’s requirement for trying to grind them all into the carpeting (she believed they were “seeds” for growing … children), I comprised my mind during that instant that there would be a shopping journey in the extremely near future for among these little life conserving devices.

Eureka was not a tough brand name to settle on-the business has actually been around given that 1909, so if there was any significant issue with their items, I extremely question they would still been around. After a little bit more examining, I picked the EasyClean 71B, and honestly have not recalled considering that. This little individual has actually conserved the day many times; I practically want I had actually purchased 2 of them!

Anyways, so a good friend of mine was asking my viewpoint on portable vacuums, and I instantly informed her about this design, just how much I enjoyed it and how fantastic it was (truthfully, you would have believed I was discussing a kid). She didn’t disagree with my brand name option, however was worried about it being an older model-surely the more recent designs that have come out ever since were in some way exceptional?

With the difficulty in mind (and my strange stubbornness to protecting my home home appliances), below are 3 reasons the 71B design is still the king of portable vacuums:

  1. It’s more light-weight than more recent designs – Normally, the more recent items that come out boast of how they are enhanced, and that typically included their weight. My vacuum comes in at about 5 and 7 pounds, while more recent portable designs like the 41A weights a half and a pound more!
  2. Newer Eureka designs go for at least $10 more than that, and just since they have actually not been on the market as long! Get yourself an offer and go for the older design, which does the precise very same thing however for less!
  3. My previous brand-new design example, the 41A, has a cord that extends 25 feet. Should this show that I must go now and purchase a brand-new vacuum? 2 feet truly isn’t really going to make that much of a distinction when I’m making use of a portable vacuum cleaner.

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BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 Review

When I got the 4 month old border collie I would later on call Wicket, all I might consider was how unbelievably charming she was, how I ‘d train her to do all sorts of cool techniques and how we would be friends permanently.

Like many strategy, there were a couple of things that I had actually not anticipated taking place, or believed they would not take place to me. Now that’s something I did not anticipate occurring.

After enjoying my house get assaulted by Wicket’s thick, long fur, I had a hard time to discover a method to clean it up. Sweeping was simply a joke, and my routine vacuum cleaner was quite great at getting some of the hair on the floor, however I ‘d constantly discover more. After a couple of months of disappointment, my requirement for tidiness had me in the automobile to the shop to purchase the Animal Hair Eraser.

  • It has 2 nozzles that do 2 various kinds of cleaning – While the difficult nozzle is certainly helpful, I get actually thrilled about utilizing the soft rubber nozzle. It’s got these little rubber points on it that are actually proficient at getting that matted down hair off of the sofa cushions. My couch has actually never ever looked so excellent thanks to this attachment-and I’m consisting of even the times prior to I had a pet!
  • It is simple to clean – With a bag less, clear compartment, you can quickly inform when this individual is getting too complete and has to be cleared, and provide it a fast wash in the sink. This indicates that you do not get all the dust and hair you simply vacuumed all over!
  • It’s light and compact weight – Apart from having a virtually compulsive requirement to keep everything clean, I likewise such as to live minimally. It’s likewise 5 pounds, so I do not have to fret about breaking my arm when utilizing it.
  • Its rate is irresistible – Because I selected mine up a bit back; I fret about the day that it ultimately passes away. A fast search on the Web alleviated my worries-not just is it cost effective, however at Wal Mart I can get it delivered to the shop nearest me totally free.
  • It works on more than simply pet hair – Did I discuss I likewise have a feline, and she occurs to delight in tossing litter outside of her box for factors beyond my understanding? Another thing it gets made use of for in my home (thanks to my klutziness) are unexpected cooking area spills throughout baking time. It takes place to be factor number 2 of why it lives under my sink!

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